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May 16, 2019
Working with students and getting results

David 18-03-19 (38)

We’ve spent the last six months working with Sussex University’s Students’ Union, after they mounted a campaign to improve bus services for students.

We listened closely to their concerns and we’re confident that these really positive discussions will deliver real improvements for students. 

We’ll lay on an extra bendy bus for university route 25 during the morning peak and we’ve changed the timetables on routes 23, 50, and 50U to coincide better with university lecture times.  

Students also raised the fact that their loans arrive a few weeks after term starts, making longer-term, better value tickets harder to pay for. We’re currently in talks with the Students’ Union to explore allowing students to defer payment for these tickets, while still being able to travel. 

Sussex University students had this to say about the process: “Brighton & Hove Buses were very quick to respond to our campaign and kindly invited us to their head office to discuss the issues facing students and citizens that our campaigning had illuminated. In the meeting, everyone involved was incredibly respectful, open to change and extremely collaborative, and that is something we cannot thank them enough for. Our expectations for the meeting were beyond exceeded and we all left thoroughly impressed at the amount of progress we had made in a few hours.

“We met again to review what progress had been made on the commitments we had listed at the end of the first meeting and found that Brighton & Hove Buses had made incredible headway. This collaborative process has been such a fantastic one for all for of us. As students we were unsure as to how our suggestions would be taken. We felt respected and that we were treated as equals throughout.
“Our campaign has resulted in drastic changes to the timetables on key routes to and from the university, the exploration of new routes to student-heavy areas to reduce strain on the 25 and 25X bus routes and Brighton & Hove Buses committed to meeting students at least once a term to ensure a good working relationship with the Students’ Union.”