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September 5, 2017
Throwback cover on 30-year birthday edition is sign of the Bus Times

Bus TimesThe city’s comprehensive bus guide – still available in print – celebrates its 30th birthday in the latest edition by replicating and updating the picture of the city on the launch cover.

Brighton & Hove Buses marketer Mike Cheesman has edited every single edition – which comes out each spring and autumn – over the three decades since the first in September 1987.

Mike said: “In this anniversary edition we wanted to show its journey somehow and thought the best way was to update the amazing launch cover. So now it’s got the Amex stadium, the i360 and our city sightseeing open-topped buses as well as special edition buses. Though there is one thing missing – 30 years ago we had two piers . . .”

Bus Times was originally conceived to be a printed guide with a comprehensive listing of all bus services – regardless of operator – that would be as valuable as the phone book but more in line with the Radio Times and TV Times as a publication that might sit on the coffee table or the arm of the sofa. And so it was called Bus Times.

Mike, who has notched up 43 years for Brighton & Hove Buses this year, said: “The two annual editions have meant our customers have always been able to rely on getting clear and precise information about the changes limited to just twice a year. So they’ve never had to worry about intervening changes.

“Or another way to look at is there have always been two clear opportunities a year to get a desired service change. Our customers have come to count on it.”

The publication, which continues as a comprehensive guide of all bus services in the network regardless of operator, has never been out of print and at its height had a print-run of 150,000 copies. Today it still manages a staggering 60,000 copies. The cover of the anniversary edition was designed by Mike’s colleague marketer Rebecca Gilruth.

Three decades later you can now also access it via Customers can flick through online pages in its existing format if they need multiple routes or if they just want the familiarity of the much-loved magazine to find the information they need.

Online Bus Times is fully interactive with links to other pages, external sites and even to our customer services unit at