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December 21, 2018
Second wave of the Billion Journey Project

Ten more innovative scale-up companies have been on the case coming up with creative, practical solutions to common transport problems to transform the rail and bus industries on the second wave of Go-Ahead’s Billion Journey Project*.

These companies will pitch their ideas at the second demonstration day at Huckletree, West London on Wednesday 23 January 2019 and invitations have gone out to many stakeholders. Please let us know if you would like to join us.

Route Reports is one of the companies who will be outlining their concept on demo day. The system, embedded on buses and trains, detects and reports hazards, for example, potholes and overhanging branches. The information is displayed as a live heat map, which clearly indicates trouble spots and accidents.

So far, more than two-thirds of Billion Journey Project companies pitching their ideas have gone on to pilot projects or to win contracts. The high success rate could be partly attributed to the fact companies get direct access to senior transport decision makers and purchasers, transport data, and mentoring from experts actively working in the industry.

Billion Journey Project

Brighton & Hove Buses’ Managing Director Martin Harris said: “The Billion Journey Project is a great way of coming up with practical solutions to common transport issues. It can be about making ticketing and boarding as smooth as possible; keeping buses clean; helping drivers conduct safety checks before they go out on the road or enabling passengers to plan and pay for their journeys across different modes of transport with an app.

“Innovation is not an end in itself: it’s the human impact we care about: for our customers and our colleagues. Technology and innovation are only valuable if we can harness them to make those Billion Journeys better.”

The Billion Journey Project is a highly successful innovation accelerator, bringing in small to medium-sized start-up and scale-up businesses from outside the transport industry to disrupt thinking on how to deliver our services using new and emerging technologies to keep improving customer experience.

Brighton & Hove Buses, our Metrobus sister company, hosted an away day in Brighton in November, giving companies first-hand experience of the transport challenges facing the area after a similar successful event for cohort one in Crawley.

*Go-Ahead’s trains and buses account for 1.3 billion passenger journeys a year.