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December 4, 2017
Children travel for free

Kids_Travel_Free_2017_-_InstagramChildren travel for free on Brighton & Hove Buses every weekend between now and Christmas Day.

For five weekends in the run up to Christmas the bus company is offering free bus journeys to up to three children under the age of 16 or Bus ID holders who are accompanied by an adult into the city in a bid to reduce congestion caused by cars at such a busy time of year for shopping.

Brighton & Hove Buses Managing Director Martin Harris said: “We want to help people to leave their cars at home and opt for public transport in order to reduce congestion on our streets. A full bus can take 75 cars off the road which frees up our roads and helps to reduce emissions.

“We also want to thank our customers for bearing with us during the recent diversions of city centre services while roadworks took place.

“We know this was a tough time for some of you and we want to thank you for your patience.”

The offer starts this Saturday November 25 and ends on Christmas Day.