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May 10, 2018
A suit for all ages

Mobility suit (36)

A suit that ages its wearer by 20 to 40 years so they have some idea how it feels to be old is now being used to train bus drivers so they can empathise better with older passengers.

Brighton & Hove Buses is using two of these suits – known as accessibility suits – in its driver training as part of its ongoing efforts to continue to make bus travel accessible for everyone as well as to improve customer service further still.

Managing Director Martin Harris said: “These suits are almost unique to the industry. We adopted the idea from our sister company Go South Coast because I want to keep pushing at our standards for accessible travel and customer service and will keep looking at new and innovative ways to raise our game even higher so anyone can travel by bus and be treated with the dignity they deserve.”

Drivers wear the suit and try to board the bus, show or purchase a ticket and then make their way to a seat with the same difficulties that many elderly people face. The suit makes them feel heavier and has an impact on physical responses to give them a sense of reduced mobility.