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Customer information

In the last year we have continued to improve our customer information services, offering support via Facebook and Twitter as well as traditional channels, 7 days a week.

We have increased the number of staff to help customers via phone and social media, and we are providing specialist training so that they are better able to answer questions about accessibility.

Interacting on the move has got easier too: by popular demand, we’ve now got free WiFi on buses on our Number 2 route, and there are plans to roll this out further in 2015.

Thanks to our work with Brighton & Hove City Council through the Quality Bus Partnership, there are real-time indicators at many bus stops across the city. The QBP is now upgrading the system to include ‘talking’ bus stops, and to complement this we are in the process of introducing talking announcements on our whole fleet. We have ‘live bus times’ websites and apps, and a mobile-friendly journey planner.

Brighton and Hove Buses, 2015

For customers who find it difficult to read our website, we have introduced “Recite Me” software that is more flexible than the standard accessibility tools on most computers. It enables people to select text which is then read aloud, and it can also translate into a range of languages.

We have been revising some features of our printed information to make it easier for people to use. We already provide large format versions of any of our printed material on request, and we plan to explore this area further, in partnership with local organisations.