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Our impact is big. And yet last year we were voted the most sustainable business in Sussex. That’s because our impact on the environment is small.

BH_buses_fleet_infographic_FINAL_RGB_for_digitalWe’ve spent over £12 million in the past two years on new Euro 5 and 6 buses. Today, 85 per cent of our fleet is at least Euro 5 or better – rocketing from 40 per cent 18 months ago. By 2018, the entire fleet will be at least Euro 5. We’re set to hit the city council’s low emission zone target a year ahead of deadline.

Click below for an infographic illustrating the environmental performance of our current fleet. It shows where we plan to head over the coming years with the addition of new buses, including electric buses.


We’re the only bus operator outside of London that’s commissioned detailed real-world emissions-testing research, according to Ricardo Engineering. This local company helps us to constantly monitor and challenge the environmental performance of our fleet.

Thanks to careful management of our drivers and bus fleet, we’ve improved our average MPG by 17 per cent over the last couple of years. We’ve explored flywheel technology to reduce acceleration-related emissions and we’re pushing the boundaries of stop-start technology for even greater fuel efficiency from our hybrid buses. Now we’re researching electric-buses and will soon be trialling a fully electric demo bus on one of our city routes in the New Year.

We work continuously on our environmental footprint. This ethos runs through the entire business. Be it implementing smarter energy in our depots, recycling anything from driver uniforms, waste oil, contaminated rags, florescent light tubes, batteries, plastics, cardboard and mixed metals. You name it, we recycle it. Everyone in the business is doing their bit to help reduce our ecological footprint.