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April 29, 2016
CBN journal #1

With the May bank holiday approaching snow in Sussex was an unexpected reminder of 20 years spent in County Durham, especially on a day when old friends visited us from the north east and were just a little surprised to see snow as they viewed Brighton from the big wheel. They have been promised our customary glorious sunshine for a return visit to the BAi360 as soon as it opens in the summer.

Our new service i7 is up and running. Yes, we know i360 isn’t due to open yet, but we’re improving links to the seafront for everyone with this new service twice an hour from the station, along with its equally new sister, the X7 to the Marina every 20 minutes.

New fares and new fare structures have shown a need to improve awareness and understanding this week – it really isn’t necessary to pay £6.50 return from Lewes to Brighton or Peacehaven to Brighton. The new £5 return had slipped in unintentionally under the radar for many people who still wanted to pay cash on the bus. But bigger savings are possible via mobile phones, key cards and the good old scratch off cards from ticket agents, and include unlimited all day travel.

Lovely to hear very positive feedback this week about our next stop announcement system adding a ‘mind the cyclists’ warning at bus stops in Lewes Road to help improve safety for our passengers and for the cyclists themselves of course – a theme we are constantly returning to. We are very conscious that our buses – all 9 tonnes or more of them – live and work in very close proximity with cyclists so we give a lot of airtime to communications that are helping to keep them safe. Some new signs to cyclists on the rear near side of buses are also intended to help achieve better safety for cyclists.

Acting responsibly on the roads is crucial. Acting responsibly in and with our communities is equally important. We are actively engaged in our city in many ways – that’s in our DNA – and members of our team joined others at Go Ahead to discuss wider issues of sustainability to mark Responsible Business Week last week. So this week, work on preparing Brighton & Hove’s Corporate Responsibility Report for 2015/16 got underway in earnest, encouraged by the news that Go Ahead had just been scored joint highest transport operator in Business in the Community’s Corporate Responsibility Index.

A new (for me) chapter in our engagement in the city opened with an introductory session at Brighton & Hove Connected – the local strategic partnership for Brighton & Hove. Alongside the council’s Simon Newell, we introduced fellow members to the current state of play on transport in the city via a number of key performance indicators. Congestion remains challenging but public transport was highly rated both in comparison to other local authorities and against bus industry benchmarks through the government’s watchdog Transport Focus. And I never get tired of saying that the city has the highest usage of buses per head of population outside of London!

Equally important was hearing from all the other partnerships represented around the table. If I have to pick out one, it has to be fellow Fairness Commissioner Sally Polanski’s input on volunteering. So crucial for the city and not only in social terms – did you know its worth £127million annually to the local economy! Sally introduced the really important initiative from Community Works to encourage more support for volunteering via ‘the pledge’ (Please give this as much backing as you can and find out more in the new new volunteering strategy The Power of Volunteering at

Ending the week with a ‘walkabout’ with colleagues on our buses this morning showed up several new opportunities for improvement of our service to our customers – looks like my agenda for next week is taken care of!

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Martin Harris