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Quality Bus Partnership

A key reason for Brighton & Hove’s strong bus use is the city’s highly successful Quality Bus Partnership.

Under the Quality Bus Partnership, we provide high frequency and accessible services, value for money, investment in buses, excellent customer service, marketing and information. The council provides infrastructure support such as bus priority, parking controls, and improved waiting areas with real-time information.

Brighton & Hove Bus Company plays an active role in the Quality Bus Partnership, and in 2014 we helped to widen its scope to include all the city’s bus operators. We will continue to commit time, energy and resources to developing the Partnership, and taking the lead on initiatives such as a new multi-operator smart ticketing scheme and accessibility initiatives.

Recent Quality Bus Partnership activities include improving priorities for bus passengers such as ‘Better Bus Area’ in Edward Street, new bus lanes in Lewes Road and the Vogue gyratory, road safety, bus shelters and the Low Emissions Zone.

Brighton and Hove Buses, 2015