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Accessible travel

We are committed to making our services as accessible as possible – before, during and after the journey.

There’s a short video here about our accessibility initiatives.

Our initiatives include:

  • Getting on and off the bus: Every BHBC bus ‘kneels’ at the front and has a ramp.
  • Wheelchair Taxi Guarantee: If a passenger in a wheelchair cannot access the bus for whatever reason, we will call out an accessible taxi cab, to provide a complimentary journey.
  • Helping Hand: A simple card system that provides bus drivers with the specific information they need to help individuals. Our scheme, developed with the support of BHCC, is deliberately unbranded so it can be used by other bus operators and local authorities.
  • Talking buses & bus stops: The city’s real-time indicator system includes ‘talking’ bus stops, provided by BHCC, and our whole fleet is being equipped with ‘next stop’ announcements on board.
  • Guide Dogs: We give free travel to people training assistance dogs and guide dogs, not only when with the dogs but also when travelling to and from their training work.
  • Safe Havens: Our travel shops are designated ‘Safe Havens’ to provide a secure environment for people with dementia. We are also working with Brighton & Hove Speak Out to establish Safe Havens for people with learning difficulties.
  • Grace Eyre Foundation Partnership: We have a long-established partnership with the Grace Eyre Foundation, which helps people with learning disabilities. We give free travel for their coaching team, and support employee volunteering.

We are also making it easier for people with disabilities to access our information. See Customer Information for more details.

Our dedicated Customer Liaison Officer for Accessibility works with local organisations to better understand what we need to do to improve accessibility. If you would like to speak to her, please do ask Desna to put you in touch with her.